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Time For MN House GOP to End Its Walker Fascination

Category: Scott Walker
Posted: 04/09/16 11:05

by Dave Mindeman

House Republicans still consider Gov. Scott Walker one of their heroes and political figure to emulate.

Please stop.

A new state-by-state analysis from the Pew Charitable Trusts shows that Wisconsin experienced the biggest decline in middle-class households in the country between the years 2000 and 2013. The study found that the percentage of households in the middle class dropped in all 50 states, with Wisconsin's drop from 54.6 percent to 48.9 percent being the most significant. Moreover, Wisconsin saw a 14 percent decline in median household income.

The comparison between Minnesota and Wisconsin is not even a comparison anymore. Wisconsin has become an object lesson in how not to act on your state's economy.

Scott Walker has been a controversial figure in Wisconsin for his entire career. He, and his party, have managed to take control of government in the Badger State. The results have made it virtually impossible for Walker to find any kind of spin to soften the real numbers.

Marc Levine -- professor of history, economic development and urban studies, and director of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Economic Development - gets to the heart of the problem:

Levine said another big part of the story has been "downward occupational skidding." Laid-off manufacturing workers have been displaced into lower-paying jobs in the service industry, and those who have been able to continue working in the manufacturing industry have seen stagnant wages. "It turns out the manufacturing jobs aren't paying what they use to anymore, and a big chunk of that is because of the de-unionization that has occurred," said Levine.

Fortunately, the ignorant "right to work" law that continues Walker's march to destruction of unions just got declared unconstitutional by the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

But, of course, they will appeal.

So, Minnesota House Republicans, please do not talk of the "greatness" of Scott Walker. It will only hurt you in the end.
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