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Alpha News And So Called "Breaking" Information

Category: Women's Issues
Posted: 09/29/15 16:34

by Dave Mindeman

Alpha News is a pro-GOP, pro-conservative online news network. They have been trying to grab headlines with "investigative" stories that try to slant the perspective toward that conservative viewpoint.

There isn't anything particularly wrong with that if they are factual and you know their inherent bias.

But today's "story" is a bit over the top. Alpha News puts it this way:


Of course, the tie-in here is that fetal tissue purchases are the tag line used in the Center for Medical Progress abortion videos.

Alpha News says they "discovered" fetal tissue purchases....

Alpha News contacted the University of Minnesota on September 2nd after discovering online records of purchase orders with "Advanced Bioscience Resources Inc." listed as a vendor. We were provided copies of the purchase orders today which indicated the University purchased fetal tissue from the vendor from 2008-2014.

Now, I have to ask, is this really news at all?

Fetal tissue research sales is not some sudden new phenomenon. The University of Minnesota is, by definition, a research institution and would most likely cooperate in other research facility projects. Alpha News could have obtained any of these invoices, as the paragraph states, within the last 7 years, if they had wanted to....or anyone else for that matter.

So, it is not breaking news. It is just being packaged that way so that more people will now pay attention to this area of research.

In reality, this is just another indication that this isn't just about some "devious" Planned Parenthood activity. It is really about fetal tissue research and whether or not we want to or need to do this.

Alpha News, the House Congressional Committee, or MCCL can package this in any manner they want. They can use scary language or scary pictures or plenty of righteous indignation....but the facts remain the same. This has been debated before. It has been vetted by the people who make these decisions. It is legal and to many researchers, vitally necessary to make the breakthroughs needed to find treatments for some of our most devastating diseases.

I wish the rhetoric would at least be directed to the right discussion. These attacks on Planned Parenthood are unwarranted and threaten a valuable service organization that helps the poor.

Those are the "breaking" facts.

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