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"It's Boring"

Category: Michele Bachmann
Posted: 09/28/14 12:52

by Dave Mindeman

Here is a Michele Bachmann quote at the Value Voters Summit....

"It's not an issue," before walking off and adding, "In fact, it's boring."

And what was she referring to?

Gay Marriage.

You know, I feel like I was duped by the "moralists" who repeatedly stated that same sex marriage would be the end of civilization as we know it. The endless fights and threats and constitutional amendments....all of that for what is now a "boring" topic.

Michele Bachmann was a leader in those fights. She was at the forefront in the Minnesota legislature and she forced the issue in Congress. How many states put through amendments to their constitutions to enshrine discrimination in those documents, only to now have to fight with the courts on its constitutionality.

Now, it's boring.

Bachmann is so condescending about this issue that when same sex marriage advocates are beginning to win the argument, she no longer thinks it is worth her time.

As Bachmann leaves Congress we can only hope that she will be a forgotten piece of history in the fight for the rights of individuals. All the years of bitter confrontation and false rhetoric has been a sham... and Michele Bachmann will, I am sure, offer no apologies.

Bachmann should go down in the books in the same manner as Joe McCarthy...instilling false fear into the public for personal gain.

I am glad you are retiring from Congress, Ms. Bachmann. I wish it could have been with dignity.

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10/06/14 23:21
The perfect comment from one of the more public sociopaths we've been suffering for the past 44 years. I'm sure there are many more waiting in the wings. It's a sign of the times..
10/03/14 17:21
I happened to be looking at Bachman's Garden Center website's contact page and it has a disclaimer on it about Ms. Bachmann -- 'the Bachman family and Bachman's are in no way related to or associated with Rep. Bachmann...'. I'm sure they get tired of the questions.



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