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Shame On The NFL - Shame On The Whole System

Category: Sports
Posted: 09/14/14 18:42

by Dave Mindeman

I am fed up with the rhetorical bullsh*t from the NFL. Here's what you do.

Ray Rice - (Ravens) Suspended -pending a conviction, banned from football for life.
Ray McDonald (49ers) - Suspended - pending conviction, banned for life.
Adrian Peterson (Vikings) - suspended for a year. Application for reinstatement pending court results. If convicted, banned for life.
Roger Goodell - Fired.
Greg Hardy (Panthers) - has been convicted, so he is banned from football for life.
Jerry Richardson (owner of Panthers) - returns award for domestic assault awareness. Fine of $1 million given to a domestic abuse charity. Suspended for one year.
Steve Bisciotti (owner of Ravens) - Same penalty except he didn't get an award.

New rule. Any NFL player convicted of a felony, banned for life.
New rule. Any owner unwilling to immediately address a personnel problem, suspended for 1 year.

The NFL seems to believe that they are above the law. Above the court of public opinion. That rules do not apply to them.

And they have the gall to dictate the rules of financial agreements that apply to them as exemplified by the Vikings stadium.

This is ridiculous. The NFL is the 1% of the 1% who are wealthy enough to play fantasy football with real players in a real league. And they also believe their fans are mere $$ signs that maintain this obscenity.

NFL football has players who are abused with violent play. They have owners who defraud their fans, their governments, and their cities. They have players who are protected when committing violent crimes. And they have a large portion of a fan base that forgives it all for the sake of keeping their spectator sport going.

It is all too ridiculous for words. And if people are going to be OK with how this is playing out, then shame on them. Shame on the fans, shame on the participants, and shame on the sponsors.
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09/15/14 11:27
How about shame on the politicians ... I would like to see those who accepted NFL-PAC step up.

In 2012, Senator Amy Klobuchar was up for re-election ... so there was a $5,000 donation ... and acknowledging that the Minneapolis is primarily represented by Keith Ellison, he received a donation of $2,000 ... but then there was John Kline who received a donation of $5,000 .... Why more than Representative Ellison ... well, let us remember that John Kline chairs the Workforce Committee ... and surely they would want a friendly gavel if "workplace safety" is ever questioned.

Make a statement ... return the monies ...


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