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Zellers "Principles" Cost The State Big Bucks

Category: Kurt Zellers
Posted: 07/15/14 14:06, Edited: 07/15/14 14:06

by Dave Mindeman

This statement from Kurt Zellers would almost be funny...if it wasn't so ridiculous:

"Democrats, political pundits, special interest groups, and even many Republicans predicted that we wouldn't hold to our principles and that the Republican-controlled legislature would cave to the intense political and media pressure during the shutdown," said Zellers. "But I did not surrender and the GOP legislative majorities did not cave. Instead, it was Governor Dayton who surrendered to us after two weeks."

That was principle? Let's review what happened. Dayton "surrendered" only after the Legislative Republicans agreed to his revenue requirements. And although they say they didn't fund it with taxes, here is the payoff....

1. Borrowed from public schools. Only after Dayton finally got his higher income tax increase were we able to pay them back. And because of that delay, school districts had to borrow money to operate and the local taxpayers paid the interest.

2. Tobacco money loans. With interest this will end up costing Minnesota about $1 billion.

3. Cost of Extra Session. Because Zellers kept stalling the negotiations and insisting on obstruction, Minnesota had to pay the costs of a special session.

So if Zellers wants to "brag" about all that as something he can be proud of....well, by all means, Mr. Zellers, brag away.

Your "principles" cost the state of Minnesota plenty.
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