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Emerson Management Is (gasp!) Expanding In Minnesota

Category: DFL2012
Posted: 06/12/13 19:09, Edited: 06/12/13 19:10

by Dave Mindeman

As an investor, maybe you should steer clear of Emerson Process Management Rosemount. Obviously, they are prone to terrible business decisions....

Emerson Process Management President Steve Sonnenberg said in a statement, "We are delighted to expand our operations here in Minnesota, which not only offers a quality workforce and excellent business climate, but also already serves as a major hub for Emerson in North America.

Hey, what is he smoking? Really.... Minnesota?

And then there is this...

The long-term plan for the Shakopee facility will include both office and manufacturing use, with the first project phase focusing on office space. According to a company spokeswoman, the 500 new jobs will include 300 salaried and 200 hourly manufacturing positions. On average, the 500 jobs will pay $60,000 annually.

Expansion. Good paying jobs. Excellent business climate.

Didn't these guys get the memo? You can't talk up Minnesota business climate. The Chamber will blackball you.

Republicans spend so much energy talking Minnesota tax blarney that they simply ignore that Minnesota's economy is just plain improving and moving ahead.

The real message here is not tax cuts, but targeted and temporary tax breaks. Emerson will be getting a $6 million tax break on sales and property taxes.

The same type of tax targeting moved Mayo's DME plan and the Mall of America expansion.

You don't need Job-Z and massive business tax breaks, you just need to find the right fit and give the right incentives.

You build business with relationships....not rhetoric.
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