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The Silence

Category: Iraq War
Posted: 08/27/11 02:40, Edited: 08/27/11 02:45

by Dave Mindeman

Inter arma enim silent leges.

We will soon be marking the 10th anniversary of a day that changed our country, in ways far beyond our comprehension. Those insidious assassins took the lives of too many innocent people and too much of what this country has stood for. The assassins began this decade of fear, but we, as a people, have perpetuated the ugliness with our uncertain expectations from those who governed us.

Inter arma enim silent leges

From the suspension of habaeus corpus to the foul Patriot Act, this country stood by and watched as our own rights and liberties were threatened by our own fear and hatred. The beloved Constitution that today has become a battle cry for the wrong cause....was never invoked when its wisdom..its strength...its fairness, was needed most.

Inter arma enim silent leges

In the name of all of us, our leaders lied us into a war. A war based on lies and perpetuated with lies. We sent too many of our sons and daughters to their deaths because of misguided patriotic zeal. That war was a cancer, a boil, a sickness that cast a shroud over our ability to reason. We destroyed one country and let our enemy escape in another.

Inter arma enim silent leges

Fear became a political tool. Fear became a slogan, a campaign. We let our government listen in on our intimate conversations. We let our government dictate our travel. And, most hideous of all, we let our government and military debase themselves by covering the Geneva Conventions in a shroud of darkness, while we let our leaders order the most contemptible of military acts - torture.

Inter arma enim silent leges

And, unfortunately, the legacy of this decade continues. None of the conspirators paid any price. None of the decision makers that have nearly ruined this country economically and in moral standing have been disgraced. This will be our lost decade. This will be our decade of fear. And the rule of law means less now than it did before.

When we examine the events of the past 10 years, I hope we examine carefully the totality of what was lost. Those innocents of 9/11 deserved better than this....most assuredly.

Inter arma enim silent leges

In times of war, the law falls silent.
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08/27/11 12:51
And let us not forget that Dick Cheney and Karl "Valerie Plame is Fair Game" Rove never spent one day in jail for violating the hidden CIA identity of an undercover agent as an act of spite against her husband. In fact, Rove and Cheney are still considered trusted sources of input into our country's policies.


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