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Sarah Palin Carries the Day (For Now)

Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 02/07/10 13:06

by Dave Mindeman

You think her speech was worth $100,000?

Sarah Palin, Tea Party Entrepeneur, has discovered a way to get through the recession unscathed. She talks.

Not well at times, but she's good at that platitudey thingey.

I listened to part of her speech on C-SPAN last night. (I couldn't get through all of it, because it sounded too much like the 2008 Republican campaign.)

Sarah tells us the "hopey changey" thing is dead and that the Tea Partiers have founded the new age of politics. They are our future.


I was a little surprised that the hope of Democracy has changed:

"Around the world, people who are seeking freedom from oppressive regimes, wonder if ALASKA is still that beacon of hope for their cause."

Darn. I always thought it was America itself. I'm not sure that Sarah gave Alaska a full shot at being that beacon. She quit in the middle of her term.

(What was really funny about that Alaska line is that she just finished a paragraph that ridiculed Obama for using a teleprompter.)

Still, there is a sobering reality to all of this. Sarah Palin has clearly won these people over. And the Tea Party crowd is going to be a factor for awhile. As long as the economy continues to underperform and stagnate, the Tea Party Nation will get some attention.

When people are hurting and dissatisfied, they will listen to anything. Even if, in the long run, it is flat out wrong.

During our economic turmoil, Palin may have a chance to merge the Tea Party Nation with a disjointed Republican Party that is hungry for a return to power. In ordinary times, these two philosophies might be incompatible. But when they can grab attention by merely being against everything....things that are slow to give us an answer to severe economic doldrums....then the two disparate entities can seek that tentative unity.

Palin may increase her popularity in both of them for awhile. As long as things stay economically bad. As long as negatives are acceptable. As long as obstruction is winning the day. As long as platitudes and ancient GOP tag lines don't have to give us any real results.

Sarah Palin thinks she is carrying the day. Trouble is, she has no plans beyond the day....you know, that futurey thingey.
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02/08/10 08:07
If Americans are ready to elect a person who quit her job because it was getting too difficult, and because she could make a lot more money on the speaking circuit, then we will get what we deserve!


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