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Center for American Progress
Making Progress: 10 Years of Ideas, Action, and Change
Today, as the Center for American Progress celebrates its 10th anniversary, we look at the impact CAP has had on the country. ...
The Top 13 Women of Color to Watch in 2013
These 13 women of color are leaving their mark on everything from politics to entertainment to health. ...
Martin Unchained: Radical Reformer, Nonviolent Militant
This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, we should remember the true Dr. King and free him from a reconstructed history that never was. ...
Democracy, Democratic Governance, and Transparent Institutions in the American Interest
The Center for American Progress and the Center for Strategic and International Studies have collaborated to promote progressive and democratic governance around the world. ...
Comparing Conservative and Progressive Investment in America's Youth
Conservative groups' funding advantage has helped the right communicate with young Americans and develop leaders despite the fundamental issue-area differences between conservative movement fundamentals and the Millennial generation. ...
3 Lessons the 2012 Election Taught Us About the Progressive Coalition
Ruy Teixeira explains why the 2008 presidential outcome was not a fluke and how the progressive coalition has made an impact in 2012. ...
The Obama Coalition in the 2012 Election and Beyond
With President Obama's re-election, a progressive multiracial, multiethnic, and cross-class coalition has clearly emerged, albeit in an early and tenuous stage. ...
Articulating the Future for Progressivism
Authors Bill Ivey and Joe Romm discuss the power of words in politics at a recent Progressivism on Tap event. ...

The Nation.
The American Cult of Bombing
William J. Astore
Why you should expect more bombs to be dropped everywhere.

Is it Possible to Move Beyond the Century of Disaster?
Eduardo Galeano
A tale of the twentieth century, from Stalin to Barbie

How to End Militarized Policing
Alex S. Vitale
We can undo the policies facilitating police violence in Ferguson.

A Response to 'Is New York City Partnering With ICE to Rip Apart Immigrant Communities?'
Maibe Ponet
A response from the office of Mayor Bill de Blasio about the city’s record on immigration enforcement.

How a Good Employer Supports Union Busting
Andrew Elrod
Costco has cultivated a sterling reputation, but labor activists describe horrors down the supply chain.

How Zephyr Teachout Became a Contender
Sarah Jaffe
Andrew Cuomo’s unlikely challenger for Governor of New York is gaining endorsements and giving him a headache.

Why Do These Cops Look Like Navy Seals?
Matthew Harwood
How the excessive militarization of the police has turned cops into counterinsurgents.

Jamie Dimon's $13 Billion Secret
William D. Cohan
The inside story of JPMorgan Chase’s landmark mortgage settlement

Why Is the Justice Department Falling Short With Mortgage Settlements?
The Editors
Financial penalties are good. Personal accountability would be better.

Can GMOs Help Feed a Hot and Hungry World?
Madeline Ostrander
Not if activists succeed in making the genetic modification of food politically unsustainable.


Campaign for America's Future
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The Democratic Strategist
New Poll Spotlights Reaction to Brown Slaying, Ferguson Protest
From Pew Research Center's "Stark Racial Divisions in Reactions to Ferguson Police Shooting" discussing an Aug. 14-17 national survey of 1000 adults:

Blacks and whites have sharply different reactions to the police shooting of an unarmed teen in Ferguson, ...
Lux: Money in Politics a Mounting Voter Concern
The following article by Democratic strategist Mike Lux, author of "The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be," is cross-posted fro HuffPo:

There is more and more evidence that Democrats and progressives are discovering ...
Political Strategy Notes
Re the debate about "tax inversion," loopholes allowing corporations to relocate their HQs overseas to avoid taxes, Justin Sink notes in his post "White House betting '14 midterm elections on economic patriotism" at The Hill: "A poll commissioned ...
Lux: President Obama, Dems Should End Subsidies for Foreign Companies That Violate Rights
The following article by Democratic strategist Mike Lux, author of The Progressive Revolution: How the Best in America Came to Be, is cross-posted from HuffPo:

One area where a lot of us populist progressives agree with at least ...
Political Strategy Notes
Campaign for America's Future's Dave Johnson argues "Dems Should Campaign On Trade And Jobs, Not On Being Like Republicans."

Put Egberto Willies's Daily Kos post, "Obama slams reporter's right-wing adopted talking point as bogus" on your must-read list ...
"Libertarian Moment" Really the Christian Right's Hour
There's been a lot of hype the last week over a New York Times Magazine piece by Robert Draper suggesting that the Republican Party and the nation might be ready for a long-awaited "libertarian moment" via a ...
'Dawn of the New Blue Dogs' Overstated
Alex Isenstadt's Politico post "Running as a Dem, Sounding Like a Republican" suggests a "blue dog rising" trend aborning among Dems running for House seats in 2014, incumbents and challengers alike. Isenstadt argues that Dems are embracing Republican ...
Dems' White Male Problem: How Critical for 2014?
David Catanese's "The Democrats' (White) Male Problem: The party's problem with males may be even worse than the GOP's troubles with women" at U.S. News is one of those articles that spotlights a significant problem, but offers no ...

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