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The mission of mnpACT! is to build a progressive community based upon the core values of respect, dignity and opportunity, by educating people about progressive ideas, advocating for progressive issues, and electing progressive candidates to local, state and federal offices.

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2016 Election Analysis - Part 1: The Media
by Dave Mindeman

When evaluating this election, one of the first things to look at is the media. The Fourth Estate took a beating this year and frankly, they have not recovered.

The news media is an important part of any democracy. Without a probing and investigative media presence, we become, well, Russia.

But the MSM lost its way this year. Stuck in a corporate necessity of being profitable above all else and the emergence of Trump as the perfect tabloid candidate, they fell into the trap of monetary expediency and hype...losing the essence of their job . . .
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Future Predictions
by Dave Mindeman

After watching Trump as President-elect and mulling over his cabinet picks, here is a list of the things that will happen in the next 4 years.

1. There will be a nuclear detonation somewhere on the planet.

2. Vladimir Putin will expand Russian territory.

3. The US will have an economic recession.

4. Trump will have a nuclear confrontation with North Korea.

5. Medicare will be saved by US Senate...barely.

6. The Trump-Ryan relationship will sour and become a GOP problem.

7. In two years there will be rumblings . . .
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"Visually Important"
by Dave Mindeman

Trump was in full photo op mode today with his Carrier "deal". He took full credit for saving about 1100 jobs in Indiana. Although if you look deeper, it is hardly a new method of negotiation.

First, Carrier nets $7 million in tax incentives via Mike Pence as Governor of Indiana. Nothing new about that kind of incentive packaging but Pence could have done that long ago. But it was the addition of the fact that United Technologies (the parent company of Carrier) has a number of lucrative government contracts it would need to protect. . . .
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Trump Oversight Is A Joke
by Dave Mindeman

During the campaign, Republicans (and sometimes Bernie supporters) would gleefully point out the appearances of impropriety involving Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

It was always a stretch. Clinton was not paid by the Foundation. She did not financially benefit. And in order for the Foundation to finance the enormous projects they undertake, they had to court wealthy donors. That meant potential foreign donors. Donors that had dealings with the Secretary of State on various matters. It was a fine line - and Republicans used every opportunity to criticize any appearance of a connection.
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GOP Patriotism Is No Longer Red, White, And Blue - Just RED
by Dave Mindeman

Remember the "patriotic" Republicans? The ones who used to castigate those who would desecrate the flag? The "America - Love it or leave it" crowd? The people who would defend America at every juncture and never let foreign influence be a part of the American way? Who hated foreign aid, the UN, and France?

Well, that same crowd seems to be OK with Russia getting involved in our affairs. They have become Putin apologists.

Russia hacks Democratic emails and tries to influence the election. They have contacts with the Republican nominee. They distribute and . . .
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